Pike and Muskie

There's nothing like throwing a footlong fly for giant toothy critters. 

Carp A.K.A. Sled Dogs

Believe it or not, it's no snag...If you want to feel the heart racing thrill of a fight from a carp, you're in the right place!


If you love throwing giant bugs at both big and small jaws, you have to take a look! 


This is what Pennsylvania Fly Co. is all about! From giant articulated streamers to size 22 dries!





Quality Hand Crafted Flies of Your Choice That Will Guarantee Success

Every pattern that is tied here is in the personal box and has produced fish to hand.  By tying one of these flies to the end of your line will bring great memories and quality fish to hand.

The passion and love for fly fishing here is just as much as yours! Please send photos of your fish with the fly in the mouth and you'll find yourself on here.  Call, text, or email your success. Customers are appreciated so much that if you reach out, you'll have the ability to some personal (secret) patterns and guided services on the water!


By using the contact information listed, state your favorite patterns that have been most successful for you to receive recipes and directions on how to duplicate similar patterns.