Stephen Nymick, owner of PaFlyCo, began fly fishing at just 7 years old on his local streams in Western Pennsylvania.  The day his father took him out to get his first fly rod, he also came home with his first fly tying kit.  For the early part of his fly fishing career, he went back and forth between stripping woolly buggers and dead drifting minnows on his fly rod for trout…yes minnows.    Stephen started his own business selling his unique patterns commercially while in college.  His college years took him near Erie, PA where he was fishing tributaries of the Great Lakes frequently really dialing in his patterns for steelhead.  In fact, he even did his senior thesis on steelhead which enabled him to fish several days a week for class.  Within a short time, Stephen’s passion for swinging flies on a Spey Rod for steelhead really became an obsession and addiction.  To him there is nothing more exhilarating than catching giant anadromous fish on large articulated streamers. Now, Stephen’s passion is evolving around teaching new anglers about swinging flies on Skagit line for trout back on his local waters in Western PA.  What really drives his passion for tying is hearing success stories and memories made from his clients using his patterns. You can follow Stephen on Instagram @stephennymick.